Sunday, 29 January 2012

Socializing your Website

So you've gotten a new website but you realize that its not getting enough traffic. Well, that is to be expected for most cases, since the web is so huge with millions of other sites with shocking amounts of content(probably enough to cover the Earth if its in print). While content is king, I am sure that your website has something unique to offer. If that is the case, what you need to do is start Socializing your website.

No worries about your low visitor count as that will change with time provided you move your site in the right direction. Here are some steps you can take that will improve your website's traffic.

  1. Get your Website Visible

    Given a decent website with content, what you need to do next is to get it visible to the web. This is where the power of Google comes in. Submit your website to the different Search Engines. Of course, Search Engine Optimization plays a big role (check out our article about Search Engine Optimization)

  2. Set Up a Facebook Page  

    So you have a Facebook Account, imagine the possibilities of  having a Facebook Page for your website. The power of Social Media can be used to engage fans on Facebook. Attract new fans and keep them hooked on interesting updates and posts. (try out some Free Social Media Marketing Apps from Interactz Media to build up your Facebook Page with content)

  3. Set up your Google+ Business Page  
    While Facebook may be king at the moment, Google+ has other cool features that some might dig. However, the important aspect is the power of Search Engine Optimization through Google's +1s especially since they are the biggest Search Engine.

  4. Start Tweeting  
    Tweeting on Twitter will get you followers, reaching out to the Socially Engaged Audience. Tweeting is good for spreading news, especially if you want it to go viral. Another cool way of using Twitter is to hook your RSS channel up (Google's FeedBurner allows you to connect your RSS feeds to Twitter easily, and Facebook allows Twitter integration, so you save time on updating your various Social Media Outlets to update your subscribers everywhere)
While the above tips are good for Socializing your Website, having a solid website with interesting and unique content is still key to getting visitors.

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